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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce, Inc. is a famous American cloud-based software company that provides CRM services. Salesforce is a popular CRM tool for support, sales, and marketing teams worldwide. 

Salesforce services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with partners, customers, and potential customers. Using the Salesforce CRM, companies can track customer activity, market to customers, and many more services. 

A CRM platform helps you go deeper with all your metrics and data; you could also set up a dashboard that showcases your data visually. In addition to this, you can also have personalized outreach with automation. Another significant benefit is that a CRM platform can also improve customer service’s ability to help customers or a sales team’s outreach efforts.

Services Provided by Salesforce:-

Salesforce Demand Predictions for 2022:-

(IDC study on the Growth of Salesforce Jobs in 2022 [Image Source])

As shown above in the graph, the new jobs for Salesforce Professionals are predicted at 3.3 Million for 2022 (as compared to 1.9 Million for 2020). Therefore , its a clear expected growth of 1.4 Million more jobs in 2022. The major impact in increasing jobs is because of businesses moving towards Salesforce’s mobile application architecture.

Salesforce adapting AI(Artificial Intelligence) in its Einstein Analytics is also one of the major reasons of the growth being in the Trend. Einstein Analytics is an application that is used to visualise the activity in Salesforce (even it is Sales , Marketing or Service Cloud). This tool provides the insights into the data like campaigns, accounts or contacts , that the users add to Salesforce daily.

Latest Interview Questions For Salesforce:-

You can also browse Salesforce’s Order of Execution for the process which includes the flows, triggers, processes, validation rules etc. The process to decide the tool for implementation of the requirements depends on the Order of execution that when the piece of code/ functionality need to run